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Othera increases liquidity and transparency for the origination and trade of real alternative assets between loan originators and sophisticated investors.

This is achieved by providing originators with blockchain technology that makes it simpler, faster and cheaper to turn illiquid alternative assets, such as loans, into digital tokens that can be traded on an exchange with sophisticated investors.

Using Othera’s Blockchain Lending platform, originators digitise and tokenise loan assets, record loan transactions and seamlessly verify source document authenticity. Issuing alternative assets to investors on a central digital exchange is also more transparent and secure via provision of digital keys that allow selected access to loan-level data. This facilitates due diligence and reduces buying friction for the trade of a range of alternative asset classes.

Othera’s blockchain platform helps to facilitate trust between all participants and promotes greater liquidity, transparency and security for the issuance and trade of a range of alternative assets across global financial markets.

Othera is one of the few blockchain based financial technology companies that are delivering enterprise grade technology to the financial services industry. Othera are working with a number of national and global banks and lenders, global consulting companies and multi-national digital corporations to integrate their technology into these businesses existing financial systems.