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Established in 2013, the Lakeba Group is a Start-up Studio or “Reverse Incubator” with an innovative business platform for creating, building and scaling disruptive, digital solutions. Headquartered in Manly, Australia, the Lakeba Group has a global team of over 130 people with international offices in Italy, India, USA, UK and Singapore. The Lakeba Group identifies industry problems and opportunities, developing scalable digital platforms that are rapidly commercialised to transform industries across the globe.

As Lakeba builds these industry disrupting solutions, they are also seeing the opportunity for incorporating blockchain capabilities and functionality.

Thanks to our experience in creating new business models, Lakeba see the enormous potential and opportunity in blockchain and the extensive application across virtually every industry.

Recently Lakeba has announced that it has developed a new utility token, (LKA), to streamline it’s business operations, empower greater speed to market and provide an improved way for businesses to access its’ current and evolving range of ventures.

Our team has also started a new venture, Paid by Coins, a system to enable the use of cryptocurrencies with bills and payments, to accelerate public adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Over the course of the next few months  we are launching our ICO (Quixxi) and introducing a new token (QXE) which will enable the developer community to quickly and easily access blockchain modules and be rewarded for building blockchain services.

Lastly, Lakeba is creating a partnership with Gilbert + Tobin as a complete solution for the introduction of blockchain in businesses, including legal and business development.